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Each Boeris bicycle is a unique product, because it’s custom-made.

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Why are Boeris bicycles considered unique?

Designed and tailor-made, Boeris bicycles are customized according to the personal taste of our customers.

All bicycles made by us represent a customer with different physical characteristics.
At Boeris Bikes you can choose your favourite components and color for your bike.
Furthermore, through the use of the Metrika software, we determine the correct position on the cycle, guaranteeing a comfortable use.

Your needs will be heard

Custom designed and tailor-made bicycles, from 1910.

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We combine the strength of tradition with the strength of technology.
We have specialised in the production of bicycles since 1910.

Handmade Boeris Bikes bicycles | Boeris craftman / artisan
Do you want to realize your dream bicycle or do you have questions?
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Our task is to accompany each customer in the choice and customization of the cycle, ensuring an optimal position that allows you to enjoy the best of all performance, without experiencing physical problems due to incorrect posture.

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