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We have been designing and manufacturing bicycles from
111 years

A history of passion and experiences

Boeris Bikes in Mirafiori, Torino (Italy) 1927 Ciclosport
The history of our company in Turin, Italy takes us back to 1910, the year in which Lorenzo Boeris decided to start a small business born from his passion for two wheels.

In 1927 he finally put his idea into practice, transforming himself from a small spare parts supplier to the founder of a new brand called “Ciclosport“.

Boeris self-centering zipper lock patent

Some time later Lorenzo was joined by his son Angelo Boeris, who, thanks to his passion for his work and his intuitive skills, patented the “derailleur speed shifting chain for bikes” (cambio di velocità a deragliamento di catena per bici) and the “self-centering zipper lock” (bloccaggio autocentrante lampo), to close the racing wheel well and quickly. In the following years the company grew to become the reference point for operators in much of the Piedmont region.

In 1959 Lorenzo, the founder’s nephew, flanked by his father Angelo created the brand “Boeris“, combined with the production of racing bicycles.

G.S. Fiat Boeris Bikes Cycling team | Albenga
The secret behind success has always been to rely on highly qualified people for specific work. The company decided to hire two very important figures who represented the soul of those glorious years, especially from the technical point of view, since they were responsible for the production of the glorious brand Frejus: Censin Barengo and Pino Valle.

Up to 16 thousand bicycles were produced per year, allowing the insertion of the Racing department. The great debut in the world of competitions took place in 1970 with the collaboration of G.S. Fiat Torino. Thanks to the glorious team of amateurs led by the great master of cycling – Pinin Graglia and later by Italo Zilioli.

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The rossis of Fiat Torino achieved many victories becoming part of the Italian national team. Further more successes were made with G.S. Lancia and S.C. Brunero of Ciriè, whith champions such as Nardello and Garzelli.

Giovanni Visconti with a Boeris Bikes racing bicycle - 2003

Ever-increasing collaboration with the young amateur sector led to the creation of a partnership with Finauto, which led by the team manager Citracca, led Boeris to win the European title in Athens with Giovanni Visconti.

Today Boeris Bikes joins the strengths of tradition to the break through of technology, specializing in the production of custom-made frames for mountain and racing bikes with the use of an anthropometric measurement system called Metrika. In this way, technical efficiency collaborates with biomechanics to create a unique bicycle modelled on the structural needs of those who own it.

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