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Our philosophy

“Life is a good day”
Filosofia Boeris Bikes

We like defining the philosophy as they who investigate the meaning of things. Each day we live the meetings, stories, requests and questions that each customer requests.
The answer is one “we are happy to live and to transmit our passion thanks to you”.
Designing and building a bicycle means fulfilling a small, great desire that translates into a lifestyle.
Going back in time….

The origins

In Turin, July 11th 1899, Fiat was founded (acronym of Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino). The history of our company takes us back to 1910, the year in which Lorenzo Boeris decided to start a small business born from his passion for two wheels.

Ciclosport | Boeris Bikes company in Mirafiori, Torino 1927

We wanted to join the history of BOERIS with the year of foundation of FIAT, to highlight how a true passion can go against the tide even in the city of cars. At that time there were mainly auto parts stores.

The password in the years of expansion of the car was “El travail”, or “Travaiuma”, or “Venta ruschè”, which translated means “you have to work”.

The bike in Turin was the means of transport to get to work.

These were the years of the famous “book of the pagherò”. The philosophy of the company was based on a relationship of trust and respect with the customer who often asked “pòss paghè ‘n poc prr volta?

Today everything has changed. The bicycle is no longer just a means of transport but is also used in sports and this translates into a particular interest in the psycho-physical well-being of the person.

Cycling is the simplest and most environmentally friendly way to achieve the goal of taking care of ourselves. For this reason we believe it is our duty to act in compliance with environmental standards at all stages of the production process and we rely on partners who embrace our philosophy.

Our task is to accompany each customer in the choice and customization of the cycle, ensuring an optimal position that allows you to enjoy the best of all performance, without experiencing physical problems due to incorrect posture.

Ciclosport | Boeris Bikes 1927 Philosophy

We do not limit ourselves to providing a means of transport. We are concerned that this is suited to best meet the expectations of everyone, in daily trips to the city as in road races or professional non-road races.

To achieve this, we use technical tools to design and manufacture custom-made bicycles. In a world where more and more people are moving towards pre-packaged products, our philosophy is a bet in the future.