How do we design a handmade Boeris Bicycle?

Welcome is an important moment. The first impression is fundamental for both the customer and us, We try to create empathy immediately.
Sometimes we take the liberty of welcoming you with a simple “Hug” 😄

Customer requirements:
This is the time to listen. At this stage, the customer explains his needs. The question asked is:”What use will you make of your bicycle”?
There are many answers:
-A nice city bike to use to go work.
-A nice city bike to make a few outdoor trips.
-A light trekking bike that allows me also to go on white roads.
-A mountain bike with a more road-like layout because I will do very little dirt road.
-A front MTB that does not exceed 11kg.
-A retro / vintage bicycle with a steel frame.
-A very special single speed.
-A racing bike with a low price as I am a beginner.
-The bicycle of my dreams. An all fiber carbon racing cycle that does not exceed 7kg.
The second question: how much would you like to spend?

Once the spending range has been established, we move on to the phase that most interests the customer.
Proposals and analysis:
We can propose the type of bicycle precisely as the customer has expressed his wishes and his budget. We provide technical explanations justifying our proposals.

The choice of components:

We are in the phase in which the bicycle is no longer just a desire. Looking at the parts individually, it begins to take shape in the mind. This is also the moment when a quotation is submitted and confirmation is required in order to proceed.

Correct positioning on the bike::

Our usual third question: do you have postural problems or particular pathologies? (Back, cervical, hyperinflation…)
We must identify the problems that can affect a correct bike posture and measure the physical parameters of the customer with the appropriate measurements.
The picture is complete.
Choosing the color:
We are in closure, everything or almost everything has been chosen.
There is still a detail that will make your bike unique.

At this point we move on to the processing phase.
A) Raw frame | B) Painting | C) Assembly of the bicycle

Delivery: Once completed, all we have to do is call the customer to collect his new bicycle.